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【Koutei no Mago ni Tensei suru Koutei】


奴隷から成り上がり、一代で帝国を築き上げたティムール。 しかし、120人いる孫は全員無能なようで……このままでは帝国が滅びてしまう! ティムールは皇帝である自分の孫に転生することを思いつき…!? 成り上がりの皇帝が自分の孫に生まれ変わる! 皇族転生無双ストーリー開幕!!

The first generation emperor rose up from being a mere slave to a man who built his own empire. However all 26 of his heirs were incompetent. If he left things as they were, the empire would fall into ruin. To solve this crisis, the emperor decides to reincarnate as his own grandchild.